A family project...

The SEAYOS was invented and developed by two passionate divers (father and daughter!)

« Diving in total autonomy, we faced too many times underwater navigation problems... One dive in particular could have go wrong: a few years ago, in winter and despite the adverse weather conditions, we chose to go diving. Both of us had a compass, we took note of our heading but once underwater, the visibility was close to zero. We tried to take reference points the best we could and not to distance ourselves too much from the boat but we finally got lost... After looking in vain for our boat during some minutes, we decided to use our SMB (Surface Buoy Marker) and to surface. We surface in rough seas... to see that our boat was only about a hundred metres from our position!»
This dive finally ended well but it might have been a very different story... Anyway, it was the trigger of the SEAYOS adventure!

...led by a complementary team!

Sharing the same values: innovation, design and experience.


Architect ENSAPLV-Engineer ESTP, passionate about everything regarding sea and sport, practicing scuba diving for a decade or so.


After graduating from Ecole Centrale de Paris, he created and developed his computer company during more than 35 years. Now, he dedicates himself to one of his many passions: diving!

Mautom Développement

MAUTOM DEVELOPPEMENT supported the co-founders of the SEAYOS in the development of prototypes and the preparation of the marketing.

More info: www.mdvpt.com


EPSYNA SAS was created by the SEAYOS Team to carry out the fabrication and the marketing of the SEAYOS.

More info: www.epsyna.com

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