Focus on the SEAYOS inventors

The SEAYOS was invented and developed by two passionate divers (father and daughter!). From the start and the initial patent registration, they have been supported by MAUTOM DEVELOPPEMENT (of which EPSYNA is a subsidiary, see below) which accompanied them at every stage of development through to the SEAYOS commercialisation.


Architect ENSAPLV-Engineer ESTP, passionate about everything regarding sea and sport, practicing scuba diving for over 10 years.


After graduating from Ecole Centrale de Paris, he created and developed his computer company during more than 35 years. Now, he dedicates himself to one of his many passions: diving!

Mautom Développement

MAUTOM DEVELOPPEMENT supported the co-founders of the SEAYOS in the development of prototypes and the preparation of the marketing.

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EPSYNA is a French, family-run company set up in 2020 to market SEAYOS. Its aim is to create innovative instruments for scuba divers.

Our mission: Enriching the experience of scuba divers while enhancing their safety.
Our values: Design, Experience, Innovation

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