It is after a dive in difficult conditions, with poor visibility, and the fear of never finding their boat that the Seayos Team considered the possibility to have an underwater GPS adapted to divers. One problem was quickly raised: the non-propagation of GPS signals underwater. A research was carried out for identitying the existing systems offered to divers to localize themselves. We noticed that the few available solutions work with acoustic signals requiring one or several surface buoys. A limitation of this type of products is shore diving where it seems difficult to leave a buoy on the beach.

   We decided to find an autonomous localisation system, that each buddy could be independently equipped. The founding idea was born during a meal in September 2015 in which a passionate discussion about diving was conducted. But it stayed in standby during two years due to various constraints, including professional, and the project only resurfaced in November 2017. Then, one thing led to another very quickly with a French and next international patent registration accompanied by the filing of the brand Seayos ®. Numerous brainstorming sessions followed, then came the first prototypes.

   Three years of work, lab tests and dives were necessary to develop both the SEAYOS and its PC interface. And it is not over because the SEAYOS Team is not devoid of new ideas to develop SEAYOS new functionalities and other innovative products in the years to come!