The SEAYOS Tek is aimed at divers looking for more functionalities and/ or making deeper dives.

The SEAYOS Tek comes with its spool, its USB cable and its PC interface.

Its colour range is composed of the following four shades: black, dark grey, liht grey and emerald green.
This colour range concerns the following components: hoops, control lever, lever plate, USB port plate, USB port protector, lever plate protectors and spool.
Its fabric part is black, blue or red (upon choice).
Its front panel is white, black or phosphorescent (upon choice).



  • Outer dimensions: 152 x 143 x 60 mm
  • Weight in air: 740 g
  • Positive buoyancy
  • Maximum depth: 80 m
  • Positioning: absolute (WGS 84)
  • Battery capacity: 5h
  • Charge and data transfer by USB cable
  • PC interface: Windows only
  • Number of recordable positions: 25 per dive
  • Number of recordable dives: >100
  • Software languages: FR, ENG, ESP
  • Spool

  • Outer dimensions: 101 x 92 x 73 mm
  • Weight in air: 290 g
  • Cord length: 45 m

Guiding function
Position recording function
Integrated compass
Depth sensor -
PC interface -
Favourites list creation from the SEAYOS
Favourites list creation from the PC interface -
Background maps - -
Annotations - -
Multi-point guiding - -
"Tracking" function - -
Night display
Colour range of the case
Color range of the fabric part Black Black or blue Black, blue or red
Colour of the front panel White White White, black or phosphorescent
Maximum depth 50m 50m 80m
          *The fabric part is located under SEAYOS waterproof case and allows to attach it to its spool.
          Product details only serve information purposes and shall be subject to modification.


Apart from single points records, the SEAYOS enables continuous routes recordings at the surface: it's the "tracking" function. During the "tracking", the SEAYOS remains at the surface and is towed by the diver (contrary to punctual points records for which the SEAYOS remains only a few seconds at the surface), like the buoys towed during drift dives.


Background maps:

They enable divers to locate themselves in relation to pre-identified zones. Background maps are specific favourites composed of lines or/and polygons imported from the SEAYOS PC interface. They can also be trackings from previous dives, converted into favourites directly from the SEAYOS.



Annotations allow to associate a symbol with the recorded points to facilitate their post-dive use.

Multi-point guiding mode:

It's a point-to-point guiding function without intermediate position records at the surface.

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