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Q: How does the SEAYOS work?
A: The SEAYOS prnciple is simple: if GPS devices don't receive signals underwater, let's catch the signals on the surface! And since a diver shouldn't go back to surface during a dive, the SEAYOS goes alone while the diver stays underwater. In concrete terms: when divers need to knows their position (either to be guided or to register the geodetic coordinates of the current location), they let the SEAYOS come up to the surface. The SEAYOS remained connected to the diver via the cord of its spool. The SEAYOS spontaneously surfaces thanks to its positive buoyancy. It takes only a few seconds to capture the satellite signals then the diver can bring it back to the bottom with the spool. Since the diver's position is known, it can be registered and/or the guiding function can start!
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Q: Does the SEAYOS take into account any path deviation?
A: No, because the le SEAYOS doesn't receive signals underwater and can't update the position continuously. When divers don't respect the indicated heading (because of rock mass to avoid for example), they have to readjust themselves their direction. In case of any doubt, it is recommended to let the SEAYOS surface again in order to rectify, if necessary, the heading.
In any case, the SEAYOS indicates the divers when they should have reached destination. If this is not so, the SEAYOS suggests to update its position (by letting it surface).
Q: How long should the SEAYOS stay at the surface to find my position?
A: Generally, 5 to 10 seconds are enough. In rough seas, with important waves or surge, acquisition of satellites time can be up to 30 seconds.
Q: Do I have to handle the SEAYOS during all the dive?
A: No, the SEAYOS can be hung to the BCD via its spool and the hook provided for that purpose.
Q: Does the SEAYOS require a special care?
A: No, like any other diving equipment, it must simply be rinsed with fresh water after each dive and not be left in the sun.
Q: Can I buy a SEAYOS in specialised shops?
A: No, because the SEAYOS are custom-made. However, SEAYOS limited editions will be produced and offer for sale during specialised shows such as Paris Dive Show.
Q: Does the PC interface is MAC compatible?
A: No, the PC interface (only for SEAYOS Track and SEAYOS Tek) only runs under Windows for the moment. A specific MAC interface may subsequently be developed. In the short term, divers equipped with MAC computers will have to use a "bootcamp" or a virtualization software.
Q: How software updates are performed?
A: For SEAYOS Track and SEAYOS Tek models, updates are performed via the PC interface. For the SEAYOS Back model, updates are performed via its specific update module.